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Thursday, 27 January 2011

We have started a very busy term. Now that we are good with our sounds we are practising dictation and spelling to help us to write sentences of our own and we look forward to writing stories. In maths we are all good at using the materials to make addition sums.

We got a surprise letter from Shikura a Tapir from the South American jungle, he has asked us to help him. His jungle is being destroyed and he would like us to build a jungle that he and his friends can visit at night and weekends. We will need to work really hard to learn about the jungle and the animals and then make a jungle for them. We have already written a letter to Mrs Wieland to ask permission to do this instead of our usual topic work then we wrote back to Shikura to ask some questions so that we could help him. We look forward to receiving more letters from him and I am sure we will enjoy lots of writing linked to the jungle.

We enjoyed World of Work Week with two interesting visitors and a group challenge. It was very interesting learning about the different jobs people do the skills they need for them and how people earn money.
We are going to have a very busy term.


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