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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Planting Seeds

Our topic this term is New life/Living things. We created our learning plan with Mrs Ayres and one of the things that we wanted to find out about was how plants grow. We all agreed that we would really like to plant some flower seeds so that we could watch them grow and develop.
We talked about the things that plants need to help them grow. We know that they need light from the sun, water, nutrients from soil and they need to be kept quite warm.
We enjoyed planting our seeds. We used two different kinds. Our nasturtium seeds were round. We had to make a hole in the soil and drop a seed in.
 The marigold seeds looked very different. They were long and thin. We covered the seeds carefully with more soil then added some water. We didn't want to put in too much water as this would be bad for the seeds.
We will take good care of our seeds and hope that they will grow into some very pretty flowers.


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