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Friday, 26 October 2012

Church Visit

In RME we have been learning about Welcoming a Baby in Christianity. We have spoken a lot about different special events that happen when a baby is born including giving it a name and a Baptism which happens at the Church. Mr Steele very kindly invited us to go and visit Trinity Church in Renfrew. We walked all the way to the church and then Mr Steele gave us a tour. He showed us special items he uses during a Baptism and told us what happens. We saw the Baptismal Font, the Pulpit  - where Mr Steele speaks from sometimes, the organ where the music comes from and the Baptism Records. These were very special because they showed the names and dates of all the children that have been baptised in Trinty Church over the last 100 years! It was a very special book for us to see and Mrs Coyle helped us read a few of the names. We were then allowed to go upstairs to look around and Mr Steele let us climb up to the pulpit and explore around the church. We always made sure we were very careful though! Harry came with us and he loved seeing the church and listening to all the super questions we were asking.

The Baptismal Font

 The Pupit was quite high and it was tricky for some of us to see over the top!

Thank you very much to Mr Steele for letting us come to visit his church and to Mrs Ball who came with us. We hope to see you both soon!


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