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Monday, 25 February 2013


As part of our new topic, "Friends around the world" we have been learning about our rights and responsibilities. One of these is Article 7 "All children have the right to a legally registered name, and nationality." We looked at this through the eyes of one of our new friends Li Fen who didn't have an identity. We helped create one for her by making her a passport which showed lots of key information. We discussed our nationality, Scottish and her nationality, Chinese and investgated lots of similarities - celebrating New Year and differences - using chopsticks to eat. It was great fun!

We thought it would be fun to have an airport for us to use our passports in a real life situation. At our airport we also use our maths skills to weigh and measure our baggage, work out the cost of our holiday, change our money into Euros at the Bureau de Change and to work out the times of our flight! Our language skills have also been used in this real life context through reading holiday brochures, completing booking forms, filling in our tickets, writing postcards in the comfy departure lounge and discussing our role play with our friends.

Would you like to come to visit our airport?


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