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Monday, 23 September 2013

Welcome to Primary 1C

Settling in

  Primary 1C have settled happily into school life. It has been a very busy first term with so many new things to see and do. 
 We have worked really hard, learning about our Jolly Phonic sounds, counting and writing numbers and of course making lots of new friends!   

As part of our maths and language programmes, we have lots of opportunities to take part in active learning.

We use a variety of activities to reinforce the skills that we are working on. 
This is a very enjoyable way to consolidate our learning and also a great chance to work with different people in our class. 
We can take turns

We always enjoy using the smartboard
We can share resources

Our computer skills are improving. 
We are trying to remember to left click on the mouse but it can be a bit tricky sometimes
We like working with a partner

 Golden Time
Every Friday afternoon we have golden time as a reward for staying on the star. As you can see from the pictures, this is lots of fun!
We love our breakout space. It is so bright and colourful!

There are lots of games and toys to play with at golden time. 

Primary 7 Buddies

We have been supported in settling into the routines of the school by our Primary 7 buddies. 

We have really enjoyed getting to know them and are always very happy to see them. 

They have been so helpful, especially when we first started to go to the dinner hall.
It was reassuring to see a friendly face and to know that they would be there to remind us where to go and what to do. 
They took us on a tour of the school which was lots of fun. 
We just love our buddies! 


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