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Friday, 26 November 2010

Primary 1 active maths and language

We are getting really good at using our sounds to sound out words.

We like practising our number formation and fishing for numbers.

We enjoy working with Mrs Coyle at the task table.

Working with money.

We are getting really good at coathanger sums.

We have been learning to recognise number names, they are quite tricky.

Our new groups

In science we have been learning about the seasons. We enjoyed a group challenge to design a poster about a season.

We enjoyed a group challenge using describing words to describe toys. We had to take turns and listen to each other to make agreements.

We had a challenge of naming our new groups using our topic 'Toys'. It was really tricky finding a toy name that everyone in the group could agree. One group had to eventually raffle the name as they could not decide between two names. Then we made fantastic group banners working together, sharing ideas.