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Monday, 10 September 2012


Hello everyone, my name is Harry and I am a special member of Primary 1c. I have been watching all the children and they are trying so hard with their learning and their behaviour. On a Friday I have a conversation with Mrs Coyle about who I think has been trying super hard and ask if I can go home with them. I have been extremely lucky to have gone to Max's, Stevie's, Keira's and Kayla's house so far. I have had trips to the park, gone to visit Grannies and even watched children learn to ride their bikes with no stabilisers! My favourite part of my trips home are the big hugs I get from all of the children. I can't wait to see who I go home with next week . . . . . it could be you!!

Outdoor Learning

There are lots of different ways we can learn outdoors and we were lucky enough to go outside and practise our numbers with chalk. All of Primary 1 went outside together and we saw lots of people doing super numbers. It was great fun going out at playtime and lunch time and seeing the numbers were still there!

Active Learning

Active Learning takes place across all curriculum areas. Primary 1c have been doing lots of active learning in language and maths. We have been matching our sounds, practising writing our sounds, saying our sounds all through different games and activities. In maths we have been counting orally to 20. We have been reading and ordering numbers to 10 and we have been writing numbers to 5. Mrs Coyle taught us how to make a pattern using 2 colours and everyone has been getting very good at this now!

Friday, 7 September 2012


In Kirklandneuk Primary all of the Primary 1 children have a buddy from Primary 7. It was extremely exciting getting to meet our buddies! They have helped us a lot during our first few weeks at school. During our first week they read us a story, helped us get ready for playtime and kept us safe when we were outside. Since we started staying for lunch our buddies have come with us to the lunch hall and eaten with us. All of P1c love their buddies and enjoy spending time with them.

Our buddies also took us on a tour of the school, which was very exciting for us! We got to see where the office is, Mrs Weilands room, the Parent Run Library, the ICT suite and all of the classrooms and break out spaces for rooms 5 - 16!! Everyone walked very quietly around the school in a quality line and we walked sensibly up and down the stairs. Mrs Coyle was very proud of us.


We arrived in Primary 1 and have been very busy! Everyone thought it would be a great idea if we could think of some class rules for us to try and stick to, to make sure everyone has a lovely day each day in room 4. We also spoke about our rights and responsibilities and made a class charter. Around our charter we decorated some helping hands to show that everyone agreed including Mrs Coyle!We have also spoken about our "qualities." We are able to make a super quality line to walk to different places, have quiet quality work time (sometimes our quiet working time bears help us with this) and be a quality audience when someone is talking. Here we are being a fabulous quality audience!

Welcome to Primary 1

Welcome to Primary 1c Room 4! We are looking forward to having a fantastic year and learning lots of new and interesting things. Mrs Coyle can't believe we are doing so well with our counting and sounds already.

Let's hope we can all keep up this great start!