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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Katie Morag

Primary 1 have been very busy this term helping Katie Morag. She asked for our help at the start of term because she wanted more people to read her stories. We have been learning all about her life on the Isle of Struay and how different it is to living in a town like Renfrew. We thought that it would be a good idea to share our learning by creating our very own Isle of Struay and inviting our friends and family to come and visit so that they could find out how fantastic Katie Morag is too.

We had lots of fun getting ready for our special open evening. Our primary 7 buddies helped us to learn a Scottish dance called the Gay Gordons and we practised it with our friends. At our open evening, some of the children demonstrated what to do and then we danced with our special guests. They had fun too!We sang some Scottish songsand told the mummies and daddies what the songs were called.We explained that we were going to show them a dance that Katie Morag likes to do.Our teachers were very proud of us.We showed our primary 7 buddies some of the activities that we had prepared for our open evening.They were impressed with our work and enjoyed hearing about Katie Morag.They thought that we had made a super job of our homework challenge: shoebox beach or farm scenes. Mrs Ayres thought so too!We really enjoyed their visit.We enjoyed listening to all of Katie Morag's stories and produced some fabulous work throughout the topic. Katie Morag must be very pleased that we did such a good job, helping her.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Visit to the post office

We were very lucky with the weather when we went on a visit to the local post office to post our open evening invitations. You can see how excited we were when we waited outside. We had to ask the lady for a stamp to put on our letters.
We were very good at remembering our manners.After buying our stamps, we had to stick them on carefully and post them into the letter box. We were patient in the big queue.

Everyone had a turn.
We enjoyed our walk and were very sensible.
We knew that our families would have a lovely surprise when they received our very special letters.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Parent Run Library

The boys and girls are very keen to go to visit our fabulous Parent Run Library.

We all enjoy listening to stories and talking about the books.

We can choose a new book to take home with us.

It can be hard to choose when there are so many super books.

Once we decide on our book, the ladies will put a stamp in it to remind us when the book should be returned to school.

We have to remember to bring our special book bags on our library days.

Golden time

Primary 1c have lots of fun at golden time.

It's a good opportunity to play nicely with our friends. The breakout space is really super!

There is always lots to do.

We are very good at sharing toys.