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Monday, 26 January 2015

The Gruffalo


We have been working on a mini topic all about the Gruffalo .....in Scots!  We have enjoyed hearing about Moose, Tod, Hoolet, Snake and Gruffalo. We enjoyed the Scots language and have been using it to enhance our writing too.
We have also listened to the Gruffalo in French. We heard all of the French character names but were also able to pick out some other words that we recognised.
We worked with partners to make a Gruffalo collage. We painted some tartan patterns by driving toy cars through the paint to make a kilt for the Gruffalos. Much more Scottish looking!

Continuing the Scottish theme, we learned a Scottish poem, The Wee Rid Motor by Sandy Thomas Ross, and Alex and Ross did a fabulous job of reciting it at the Burns assembly.

Primary 1c Artwork

We looked at some work by the artist Natasha Wescoat recently and this has influenced our winter tree pictures.
We started by choosing hot or cold colours for our background. When this was dry we were able to form our tree shape by tearing sugar paper to create the trunk and branches. When we were happy with our arrangement, we glued the pieces into place.

That was when we added the swirls to our branches. We think they look fantastic. What do you think?

Going Bananas

We are very keen on bananas in room 3!
We were learning all about the journey of a banana and about fairtrade too.
We had a fabulous time sharing our learning with our family and friends at our healthy picnic.
We demonstrated how to make a banana sandwich, showing off our cutting and spreading skills. We also had some other fruits for tasting and some fairtrade bars and banana bread too. It was delicious!

We made our own placemats for the event....
and some banana headbands.

We all performed some songs on the stage and told our visitors what we had been learning about. One of our songs was in Ki Swahili.

We also used bananas to make some smoothies.
Very tasty!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Toy cars

As part of our Toys topic, we had a wee challenge to work together, designing and building a toy car. We started off at the drawing board where we had to include the different components and we also got to show how we would like our cars to look. Then in our groups, we were given a selection of resources and had to work out how to fasten them together so that the wheels would turn.

Happy Christmas

Party clothes, dancing,  party games, snacks, presents and of course Santa..... it can only be primary 1s Christmas  party.


Enjoying a snack

 Opening presents.

It's Santa!


Pass the parcel

Conga time

Come dancing stars of the future!